The Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management recognizes those who bring innovation and creativity to managing safety in the workplace. The award will be presented annually. ASSE invites you to submit an application in accordance with the following policy and procedures.

The recipient will receive an engraved plaque at the Society’s annual Professional Development Conference, Safety 2014, in Orlando, florida, June 8-11, 2014, as well as a $3,000 cash prize. Applications judged to have considerable merit but that are not the winning application may receive “Honorable Mention” recognition at ASSE’s discretion.


The award is open to members and non-members of the Society, except for members of ASSE’s Board of Directors, Society staff, anyone involved with the selection process for the Award for Innovation, and anyone who is currently employed or has been employed in the last 5 years by the sponsor either full time or part time or as a vendor.

Submission Guidelines & Policy

All applications for the award must be submitted using either the electronic form below or download at www.asse.org/innovate. A complete application will consist of four parts (see below for more details):

  1. Application form
  2. Description of the Innovation
  3. Biographical Information
  4. Reference Information

Application Policies

Mutiple Submissions

An individual may submit no more than two applications. Applications must be complete and represent the work of the applicant. Complete a separate application form for each proposed innovation.

Length of Materials Submitted

Except where noted, no specific minimum length is required. In general, the package of application materials should not exceed 20 pages.

Other Sources

Innovative applications derived from other sources, such as a management theory or practice, are eligible for consideration. The source should be cited and the description of the innovation must explain how use of the source is innovative.

Application Package

Application Form (Electronic form below or download at www.asse.org/innovate)

Description of the Innovation

Describe the innovation and its intended purpose. Explain in general its effects on the organization, particularly the effect on safety management. In particular:

  • Specify the range to which the innovation has been or is intended to be applied. This may include whether one or more programs or work sites are affected, the size of the workforce to which the innovation applies and the overall breadth of applicability. Note whether the innovation is fully implemented and, if not, to what extent it has been implemented.
  • Describe the innovation’s management benefits. These may include efficiency improvements, problem resolution or improved decision making. If the innovation was implemented to solve a problem, then include a concise statement of the problem and how it was solved or otherwise addressed by the innovation. To the extent possible, include quantitative data outcomes that substantiate the benefit.
  • Describe the innovation’s safety benefits. This may include specific safety outcomes, such as reductions in injuries and/or fatalities, or elimination of hazards or exposures. Other potential benefits may include improvements such as making a process safer, improving program effectiveness, or building the safety knowledge or awareness of the workforce.

Biographical Information

Applicants must provide the following on a separate page with the package: a single sheet with the applicant’s full name as it appears on the application form and the following additional information: education [name of institution, degree(s) held]; current position and organization; a summary of work experience as it might apply to the innovation for which the application is submitted. Do not include information over and above that specified (such as a multiple-page resume or cv).

Reference Information

The package must include at least two and no more than five reference statements from individuals who can corroborate that the innovation is the applicant’s work. The statement should comment on the innovation’s applicability and effectiveness in managing safety. Appropriate references include supervisors, colleagues or other individuals with knowledge of the innovation. Reference statements should be no more than two pages in length, and should contain the signature of the individual making the statement and his/her contact information (telephone number, postal and e-mail addresses). List the names and contact information of the references on the application form, and include the reference statements with the application package.

Judging Applications

Judges will be appointed in accordance with procedures approved by ASSE’s Board of Directors. Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following weighted factors:

  • The range of application of the innovation in managing safety (20%)
  • Management benefits of the innovation (40%)
  • Safety benefit(s) attributable to the innovation (40%)

The judges will evaluate the applications and recommend the winning application in their discretion guided by the weighted factors above, and forward their recommendation for the award to Society leadership for approval.

Winning Application

The winning applicant will be notified by telephone and in writing once judging is approved. Those selected for honorable mention will be notified in writing. All applicants will be notified by April 30, 2014.

Innovation Award Application Form

Submit by March 31, 2014.

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Brief Title of the Innovation:


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Upload Description of the Innovation:

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The information contained in this application, including the supporting attachments, is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. further, this innovation represents my own work except as how I have specifically cited a reference or source. Where I have used another source, the application of the source was my own.

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